Shooting Summer League Season Underway at Old Vermilion Trail

Summer league started on Tuesday, June 2 and goes for 12 weeks.

DULUTH, Minn. – Old Vermilion Trail normally opens the Tuesday after Memorial Day, and now that the hunting preserve is up and running, many people are heading outdoors to take their best shot with their summer league.

“Just need to shoot one score a week for 12 weeks. Can be shot on any day of the week or you can shoot ahead, you just can’t catch up if you get behind so it’s pretty flexible for everybody.They can shoot with different people, they can shoot with whoever they really want to. They don’t have to shoot with a particular team. And then their score will go up on the board,” Old Vermilion Trail manager Burt Schweiger said.

The 60 acres of course space allows for people to try their luck with different targets like skeet, trap and sporting clays.

“The variety targets. They like to see different stations, different targets set up. You go through a lot of different stations throughout the summer and each presents a different presentations to look at and hopefully hit,” Schweiger said.

“I like that it’s challenging. The course is never the same and it’s good practice if you’re a hunter that you can hunt game and be more efficient at it,” shooter Kevin Kivisto added.

As more shooters start to come to the range, Old Vermilion will make sure to continue doing everything possible to keep people safe.

“You can’t be in the clubhouse. We put a sliding window in for people to be able to get their score cards and targets out of. There’s a hand wash station over here too that they can use,” Schweiger said.

Some shooters are new, while others have been coming for years.

“My neighbor invited me to come and we shot a couple of times and then I was hooked,” Kivisto said.

But they all enjoy getting outdoors for some friendly competition during the 12 weeks of summer league.

“It makes me very, very happy to finally get out and do some things, and this is a great sport,” Kivisto said.

“Just getting away from the clubhouse and taking a walk in the woods and shooting the targets we set up,” Schweiger added.

Old Vermilion Trail is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from noon until dark. To learn more, head to their website. 

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