West’s Hayward Dairy Serving Scoops for Summer Memories

This Week's Knowing Your Neighbors Shares Delicious Details of One Locally Owned Business in Hayward

HAYWARD, Wis. – Happiness in Hayward is served one scoop at a time.

“No one tub is ever the same because it’s whatever I’m grabbing,” said Tom Baranick, co-owner of West’s Hayward Dairy. “We’re one of the few stores in Wisconsin that makes their ice cream on site.”

Consistency is key, but creativity often prevails at this Hayward hotspot.

“It takes roughly ten minutes to freeze it, but it takes a lot longer to make it,” said Baranick.

Baranick is proud to be a co-owner of West’s Hayward Dairy. The business first debuted back in 1951.

“We have gotten to be known for our ice cream,” said Baranick.

In decades past, the dairy has dabbled in bottling and selling milk all across Northwest Wisconsin.

In 2005, they started making, in house, the most flavorful, rich ice cream concoctions for customers to drool over all summer long.

“Jeff took it up to the next level with a small batch machine that could make some creative, fun flavors,” said Baranick.

From classics like chocolate and vanilla, to the Chunky Musky, there’s a flavor for every ice cream connoisseur out there.

The co-owner says his variations begin with the mix used in the operation.

“We use a premium mix; our mix doesn’t have any corn syrup in it. If you ever find an ice cream that’s sticky, tacky, that’s from corn syrup. Ours has sugar in it,” said Baranick.

The sweet treats are known to attract generations back to town for a memorable summer experience.

“One nice thing about selling ice cream in Hayward in the summertime, everybody is up here on vacation, so they’re happy,” said Baranick.

One scoop at a time, it’s smiles for miles served up in dishes, sugar, or homemade waffle cones.

“I also make a homemade sorbet, so that’s dairy free,” said Baranick. “We have grandparents coming in with their kids and their kids and sometimes great grandkids.”

After all, they say no one does dairy quite like the badger state.

“Come and see what Hayward has to offer,” said Baranick.

West’s Hayward Dairy says the number one ice cream flavor in the shop is Mint Chocolate Chip.

They have dozens of other flavors to choose from, such as “Death by Chocolate,” and the famed, “Almost Sinful.”

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