Amble For Anders: A Fundraiser Aiming To Continue Boy’s Journey

"He actually spends a lot of time making us feel better just because of his nature of being happy and positive in finding the good in things."

DULUTH, Minn. – At 12-years-old….

“I’ve been in the school spelling Bee every year since fourth Grade.”

In a way, Anders Breidenbach has experienced more than most Adults have in their lifetimes.

“He was diagnosed at age nine months and through treatment until he was two,” Anders Mother, Gini Breidenbach says.

And after that diagnosis of a rare form of retinal cancer the Breidenbachs found out Anders had a genetic mutation which gives him a higher chance of cancers throughout his life.

“From very early on, there was one day he told me: mom, I’m ready for whatever comes. I think that shows a little maturity and acceptance with facing trials and difficulties that is unusual in a young person and in an adult,” Gini Breidenbach says.

But in February, after some uncomfortable knee pain, Anders went in for an evaluation and left with another life changing diagnosis.

“Still were very shocked to find out he had osteosarcoma. The cancer of the bone in his femur on his right leg,” Gini Breidenbach says.

For the second time in his young life, Anders is now going though more rounds of chemotherapy.

But none of this has stopped his optimism.

“He actually spends a lot of time making us feel better just because of his nature of being happy and positive in finding the good in things,” Gini Breidenbach says.

And he isn’t alone.

“I’ve still been getting a lot of support from people. Just sending cards and sending their support. Buying shirts to show their support,” Cancer Patient, Anders Briedenbach says.

Those shirts, are part of the Amble for Anders fundraiser put on by Eve Graves.

“We decided to the amble for Anders gear. This is a wicked tank top. This is a spiffy headband you can get. There’s buffs, there’s sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts,” Amble for Anders Organizer, Eve Graves says.

All proceeds go to help the Briedenbach family to help with medical expenses.

And although the status of the event still is up in the air,  Anders still wants the community to walk for him.

“Show their love and support for him in a time when he isn’t able to walk and run. So people could do that in his stead. Anders thought that would be a fun way to support him,” Gini Briedenbach says.

After his surgery on June 12th, Anders will begin walking once more.

As of now, the Amble for Anders run is slated to take place in the fall with no specific date set.

If you would like to donate or pick up some Amble for Anders gear or donate, click here:


Amble for Anders Gear

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