Hayward United SC Looking Forward to Starting 2020 Season

Hayward United SC will open the season on June 28 against Lobos FC.

HAYWARD, Wis. – Two weeks ago, the Wisconsin Primary Amateur Soccer League (WPASL) announced that their season would be kicking off later this month. And that was great news for Hayward United SC, as they’re looking to build momentum for their club in just their second year of existence.

“There’s nothing like competitive soccer and that’s why we still all do it. This isn’t like big-time, this is grassroots soccer,” Hayward United SC right back Sebastian Pczuski said.

It’s finally soccer season in Hayward, Wisconsin.

“I thought for sure that everything was going to be canceled. It was looking grim, you didn’t hear any news for a while so when it got announced I was pretty happy because I was trying to stay in shape and I thought it was going to be for nothing,” right midfielder Cole Gewerth said.

“I wait all winter for the chance to play outside and I think, last year was the first year the WPASL was going as a league so to potentially miss out on the second season of the league would have been a pretty big bummer,” Pczuski added.

Hayward United SC is one of six teams that will play in the WPASL this season.

“I was really involved with what was going on. We had to follow all of the different guidelines and paying attention the different regulations and what things were. When we ended up getting clearance, it was pretty exciting. I know all the guys, we messaged them and said do you want to play this year and we got a resounding response that they wanted to be out here,” team manager and WPASL president Kaden Bergman said.

Since there are no restriction in place for the state of Wisconsin, the club doesn’t have to follow any specific guidelines, but they’re still unsure if they’ll have fans at their games this season.

“We have to follow guidelines written up by USASA, which is our governing body.  They were pretty loose regulations, pretty much said follow your state orders. If we do have fans this year, they’ll probably have to sit six feet apart. Each team will have their opposing benches, there won’t be handshakes after the games,” Bergman said.

The season will be slightly shorter as both Duluth and Ashland will not be able to play. But despite the differences, the Wolfpack still have high expectations for this season.

“We finished fourth last year. We played the team who was in first place, lost to them 4-3 in the semifinals so we would like to hop into that top three. We have a much improved team this year, a lot deeper. We filled out our 30-man roster,” Bergman said.

And when it’s time for kickoff on June 28, the Wolfpack will just be glad to finally get their season started.

“We wait all winter, all the training we do outside of the season to stay shape and I think it will feel that much more special because of all of all of the professional sports being out of the loop for the past few months,” Pczuski said.

“It doesn’t matter how bad the game went or how good it went, we always are smiling, having a good time. That’s one reason why I stick around and make the drive here is because this is probably my favorite club I’ve ever played with,” Gewerth added.

Hayward United SC will open the season on June 28 against Lobos FC.

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