Strength in the Community Scholarship: Carsen Nykanen

POPLAR, Wis. – Carsen Nykanen is the next winner to be announced in the FOX 21 Strength in the Community Scholarship Series.

Nykanen is headed to WITC in Superior in the fall and says he’s learned a lot not just in the classroom, but from playing sports as well.

In his time at Northwestern High School, Nykanen played football and basketball all four years.

He was also part of tiger manufacturing, a student led shop class which taught him all about using tools, taking orders, and delivering products.

Nykanen is from Poplar, Wisconsin, and grew up helping out on his family’s farm.

He hopes to live in the area after college because he loves how supportive the community is.

Nykanen says he learned a lot from playing sports throughout his academic career.

“It kind of taught me never give up pretty much from all my coaches it was they all made me push hard do my best and I”m going to try to do that throughout my whole life and into college and see where it takes me I guess,” said Nykanen.

He plans to go into WITC’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning program.

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