Zeitgeist Arts Building Making Plans to Reopen After Shutdown

The community organization has a restaurant, bar, performance theater, and movie theater in their Downtown Duluth building

DULUTH, Minn. – Restaurants, bars, and theaters are reopening across Minnesota, and there’s one well-known local organization that has all that and more.

The Zeitgeist Arts Building in Downtown Duluth is entering the recovery process after being hit hard by the shutdown. The non-profit is getting ready for a limited opening soon.

Friday and Saturday night, Zeitgeist will open a pop-up restaurant with curbside pickup. It’s the first since March customers can get food from the cafe.

The organization is also making plans to permanently open the restaurant, bar, and movie theater in the coming weeks.

The usually-bustling Zeitgeist Arts Building on East Superior Street has been empty for three months.

All staff have faced a reduction in hours, but those eligible for benefits have seen those continue.

The Zeitgeist Arts Cafe may open with dine-in service as early as next week and the movie theater likely won’t be far behind, but it could be many more weeks or months before the Teatro Zuccone performance theater opens its doors again for Renegade Theater shows and other live performances.

For now, staff are focused on doing community engagement work and finding ways to bring local arts programming to the community through online and socially-distanced platforms.

“I think over the coming months, you’re going to see us launching more and more of those new ideas and it’s been a challenge but it’s also kind of exciting to get a chance to rethink how we do things,” said Zeitgeist Executive Director Tony Cuneo.

The movie theater may soon open for groups of family and friends to rent the space and watch any movie they want together on the big screens.

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