No Spike in Douglas County COVID-19 Cases After Restrictions Loosen

SUPERIOR, Wis.– Positive Coronavirus test results have doubled across Wisconsin since Governor Evers’ Safer-At-Home order ended last month. But counties in the northern part of the state like Douglas County have avoided a spike in cases.

Douglas County health officials are surprised at the small amount of cases that have arose in the county.

“These strategies have worked, in particular the physical distancing, staying away from people,” said Douglas County Public Health Officer Kathy Ronchi.

Since restrictions were lifted in the state, there have only been eight new COVID-19 cases reported in Douglas County. It brings the county’s total case number to 20.

The slow rise hasn’t been for a lack of testing. The number of people in Douglas County who tested negative has doubled since the end of the safer at home order with more than 1,600 negative tests.

Ronchi says most positive cases are related to travel and that the county has been able to trace most cases back to where the patient most likely got the virus.

“People work in areas of higher exposures and higher populations and things like that. I think here in northern Wisconsin we’re not quite as exposed to some of those large populations that other people are,” said Ronchi.

Ronchi also says she’s grateful businesses in Superior are following the county’s social distancing guidelines.

One of those businesses is Thirsty Pagan Brewing in Superior. When restaurants were allowed to open back up, instead of opening immediately they decided to wait another week to come up with a strategy for allowing customers back in.

“You go places and they are more lax I mean we’re not. We are taking this very seriously,” said Alex Ledin. “I think we’ve been busy but we’re still getting busier because customers share that.”

There hasn’t been a dramatic rise in cases in Douglas County but county health officials are advising everyone to follow social distancing guidelines and to get tested if experiencing symptoms.

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