Disc Golf Growing in Popularity in the Northland

There's a 9-hole course on UMD's campus on the corner of College St. and Kirby Drive. It's free for anyone to play on. 

DULUTH, Minn. – Disc golf is growing across the country, including right here in the Northland.

“It’s essentially just going on a walk with an added bonus of throwing a couple discs around,” Taylor Noyes said.

Disc golf is essentially traditional golf, but with a Frisbee.

“You start from a tee box, you throw the disc and you try to get it in the net at the end of the course,” Jack Kloster said.

“I guess I would consider this sport more casual, less expensive obviously. I’m a little bit competitive and whenever I play golf, it’s hard to not get mad when you play bad at golf, but this game, it’s 100 percent pure casual,” Noyes added.

There are even different Frisbees you can use for how far away you are from the hole, similar to the traditional sport.

“I have a driver which is for long range, first throws and then I have a mid range which is for more mid range throws. Usually you have a putter but I’m casual enough that I don’t have all of the discs required,” Kloster said.

There’s a 9-hole course on UMD’s campus on the corner of College St. and Kirby Drive. It’s free for anyone to play on.

“For a course that’s free to play like this one, it’s just nice to get out and it doesn’t cost too much to play,” Kloster said.

And for those who play, the sport is more of a social game than trying to be competitive.

“It’s just a great time to get out and enjoy the sun now that it’s out.  It’s definitely a very fun sport to just get out and play casually. You don’t have to have a very high skill level, I sure don’t. It’s just a fun thing to do with friends,” Kloster said.

“I’m not going to do good, I’m not going to count my score or anything. I’m just going to throw my disc around and see where it goes,” Noyes added.

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