Former UMD Star, Superior Native Brandon Myer Signs Pro Deal in Finland

Myer says he'll head out to Finland later this summer to get ready for the season which begins in the fall.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – After wrapping a stellar career at UMD, Superior native Brandon Myer has signed a one-year deal with Lahti Basketball, a pro team from Finland.

“Everybody that’s played in this league has loved their experience. I know it is their top league, the top tier in Finland. But it’s also a good stepping stone to if I want to move up as well. That’s some of the conversations that I’ve had with the head coach. They will try and give me the tools and give me the experience that will also translate over to possibly moving up in the leagues up in Europe and who knows, maybe farther,” Myer said.

Myer had the luxury of playing college basketball close to home. But now, he’s traveling over 4,000 miles away which was a different conversation to have with his parents.

“I don’t know if it’s fully set in with them either, but they’re excited. If anybody knows my parents, they are huge into sports. They’re huge into watching my games and getting excited. I think that as much as they’re losing me as I’m going to a different country, they’re happy that I’m keeping basketball,” said Myer.

According to Bulldogs head coach Justin Wieck, Myer told him he had two goals: being named NSIC Player of the Year and playing professional basketball.

“I just felt like being honest with him. I’ve never been one to set low goals. I’m sure he did take me seriously, but I’m sure he also knew that there was a ways to go. It feels really good to be able to accomplish those goals that he mentioned and it feels good to be at a point where I can set new goals,” Myer said.

Myer says he’ll head out to Finland later this summer to get ready for the season which begins in the fall.

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