Water Safety Tips To Follow As Temperatures Warm Up

The need to enjoy nice summer weather can cause people to use poor judgment,

DULUTH, Minn. – As temperatures continue to warm up, many Northlanders are attracted to spending their days around water.

That’s why the Superior Fire Department is giving out some tips to help keep everyone safe while enjoying Lake Superior.

Warmer weather can be all the motivation many people need to indulge in water-related activities.

Sometimes the need to enjoy nice summer weather can cause people to use poor judgment, leading to harmful water-related accidents.

Lake Superior has many hazards like the cold water temperature and the strong currents.

“It’s really important for people to remember these basic water safety tips every year,” said Battalion Chief Howard Huber. “People come from outside the area and aren’t used to the unique hazards of Lake Superior. We just want people to remember to follow those water safety guidelines whether you are in or around the water.”

If you are ever caught by a current while in the water, don’t panic.

It is recommended you swim parallel to the shoreline until you have been freed from the current.

It is also best to stay aware of your body temperature because the cold lake water can quickly cause hypothermia.

Parents should also keep an eye on their children at all times, or designate someone else to watch them if needed.

If you are boating on Lake Superior, passengers should always wear a life vest.

It is also highly suggested to give someone information on where you are going.

Also, it is strongly advised people do not swim or drive a boat while intoxicated.

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