St. Louis County Rescue Squad Ready for Summer Water Emergencies

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Minn. – The St. Louis County Rescue Squad responds to wilderness, water, and first aid rescues across the region.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the squad has responded to less vehicle accidents than normal, but woodland and water rescues are happening a little more frequently.

Every year, there are about 7.5 water deaths in St. Louis County. The rescue squad has responded to four deaths so far in 2020.

“Wear your life jacket. Don’t just have it in the boat. The law says you have to have one for every person in the boat, but put the doggone thing on. Once you’re in the water, it’s too late to put it on,” said Rick Slatten of the St. Louis County Rescue Squad.

The squad has been training for swift water rescues on Lake Superior and local rivers.

Members are now gearing up for calls related to the busy season on the boundary waters.

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