Duluth Without Grandma’s Marathon for the First Time in 43 Years

Race officials say crews are hard at work making next year even better.

DULUTH, Minn.- For the first time in 43 years, Duluth and the North Shore were not packed with thousands of runners as Grandma’s Marathon was cancelled this year.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic the race was called off after over 18,000 runners had already registered.

Runners across the country still participated in the virtual races, but race officials say it’s nothing like the hype of cheering spectators packing Canal Park.

“It’s always been that the community that makes this event go and we can tell that with the support in a non-event year, it’s just going to make next year that much more exciting,” said Executive Director Shane Bauer.

So now, the hype for next year is even bigger.

Bauer said the nine people who work year around on the races and other Grandma’s events are hard at work putting together the 45th Anniversary Marathon, regardless of how things might change by then.

“Not knowing the future doesn’t change a lot because there’s so much planning we just got to start on it, we got to get moving and that’s what we’re going to do,” he said.

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