Celebrating Father’s Day with a Game of Golf

Fathers were celebrated today, one swing at a time.

DULUTH, Minn. – Fathers were celebrated today, one swing at a time.

Handfuls of families came to Enger Park Golf Course on West Skyline Parkway to enjoy the weather and to spend time hitting hole in ones with the ones they love.

“This is my first time actually putting everywhere so it’s fun to put and to actually just do it instead of just waiting in the golf cart,” said Hadley Amick, who was out golfing with her dad.

While it’s only Chase LaTour’s second time playing on a course ever, he’s excited to spend time with his dad and his brother.

“It’s super nice. I mean, we’re just taking the day to just relax and have fun and he’s such a great dad so yeah,” said Chase.

It’s time to gather together and spend some quality time.

“It’s nice,” said Mark LaTour, Chase’s dad. The weather is amazing. We’ve been busy this summer just working a lot so it’s nice to just get a way and do this this morning. Just have some time together, we don’t do that very often.”

The Nelson family had three generations playing at the golf course.

“Three generations here,” said Adam Nelson, who was out golfing with his sons and his own father. “We all enjoy the game of golf. Drew and Randy in the middle here, they golf a lot more than Dawson and I so it’s good for us to get out here.”

For Pat and Anthony Buchberger, this Father’s Day was particularly special as Anthony’s uncle, Pat’s brother, had passed away earlier this year.

“It’s a day about your dad,” said Anthony. “Thy celebrated you for many years of your life growing up. It’s a chance to give back and celebrate them a little bit too. Lots of sons, they have a hard time appreciating their father but the best advice I can give is just keep moving forward and that they’ll always be there for you and they’ll always love you.”

With celebratory puts and swings, Father’s Day was a delightful celebration of what’s most important: family.

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