Knowing Your Neighbors: Fred’s Store

Fred's Store has been a staple in the small town for over 70 years when Lynn's father Fred opened the original shop just across the street. 

GOODLAND, Minn. – Tucked away about 20 miles from Grand Rapids is Fred’s Store, the only business in Goodland, Minnesota.

“Blink and you went through it,” co-owner of Fred’s Store Cindy Majewski said. “We’re very busy so it is pretty cool that a lot of people really do know about it us. It’s hard to believe such a little place would be so popular.”

“When it’s in a small town, you get to know the people a lot more, even the ones coming through. You have a little more time to spend with them and talk to them,” co-owner Lynn Majewski added.

Fred’s Store has been a staple in the small town for over 70 years when Lynn’s father Fred opened the original shop just across the street.

“My dad started in 1946 with a store across the street, and that ended up burning down in ’77. Then this building actually burned down, it was a restaurant and cafe that someone else owned. He bought that back and opened up this store just to have a smaller store,” Lynn said.

Now, it’s carried into the next generation, with Lynn and his wife Cindy now owning the shop.

“We get along most of the time. We’re together 24/7 and we’ll be married 44 years so yeah it’s okay,” Cindy said.

Fred’s Store sells a variety of home smoked meats like sausage, bacon, jerky and more.

“It doesn’t have all the water yet that most of the bacon does. We’ve got 13, 14 different flavors. Some people like the garlic and the prime rib. There’s lots of different ones,” Lynn said.

Fred’s Store normally gets their raw meats from JB Meats, but due to COVID-19, they had to go to multiple different sources and make adjustments to their daily operations.

“We were so incredibly busy we were struggling even keeping up, we finally had to put limits on our meats. We’re getting cleaned out constantly,” Cindy said.

Now that things have improved, Fred’s Store is back to serving their small town and those who make it a point to stop in.

“They’ll come Thursday or Friday and it’s like, we’ll see you on Sunday on our way back. We have a lot of tourists, a lot of cabin people,” Cindy said.

“I never would have dreamt it would have been as much as it is. I’ve heard stories from people who are coming and they’d say I was talking to someone down in Minneapolis and they said they were going up to Goodland, up to Grand Rapids and they’d say oh can you stop at Fred’s and get me something. So that’s kinda neat to hear,” Lynn added.

To learn more about Fred’s Store, head to their Facebook page.

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