Play It Again Sports Sees Increase in Sales as Sports Practices Resume

The new and used sporting goods store reopened fully to the public a little over a month ago and has been busy helping athletes get the gear they need.

DULUTH, Minn. – Play It Again Sports is mostly back to business as usual.

“We closed down on March 27th and then offered curbside delivery/outdoor service and then reopened fully to the public the week after,” general manager of Play It Again Sports Steven Holappa said.

The store, located in Kenwood Village in Duluth, is a new and used sporting goods store, helping athletes get the gear they need.

“We handle anything from hockey to baseball, lacrosse, golf, inlines, weightlifting,” Holappa said.

Play It Again Sports said when the pandemic first hit, dumbbells were popular and they’ve been low on them since. Now, outdoor sports are popular.

“Two hobbies that anyone can get out and do, and you can space yourself out pretty well,” Holappa said.

And it’s been a bit of a challenge to keep up with the demand for items like inlines and golf equipment.

“The inline world is crazy right now. Those two companies are having a hard time keeping up, it’s probably their biggest demand since early 2000s, late 90s when it really started picking up. Golf stuff’s a different world. There’s so many different companies that finding stuff we’re able to do, but we’re opening up doors with different companies just to make sure we have product for everybody,” Holappa added.

As the store welcomes customers back in, they’re having many of the normal cleaning procedures as other businesses.

“We’re asking people to try to maintain their six feet social distancing. We do ask that masks and gloves, they’re recommended, we’re not going to force people to do that. And our employees have masks and gloves to make sure that people are comfortable as well,” Holappa said.

But they’re also allowing customers to sell their old gear, and are asking for it to just be summer equipment and to clean it first.

“As long as they’re looking at repurchasing something that they’re bringing in, we have no problem taking it in. We just have to make sure we’re going through the right disinfectant staages and keeping it off the floor for a couple of days,” Holappa added.

As practices resume and the weather gets warmer, Play It Again Sports is happy to get their athletes out and active again.

“The kids are so used to going to hockey or going to baseball, that sitting at home has been a struggle. So now that all of these places are opening up, we have the ability to offer the products that they might need or want and get the kids back out and enjoying the sports and some of the structure that they’re used to,” Holappa said.

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