Duluth’s Parks and Recreation Division Reinstates Some Staff — For Now

Only three-quarters of staff will be brought back.

DULUTH, Minn. – In April the City of Duluth laid off nearly 100 full-time, temp and seasonal employees, including park maintenance staff.

The parks and recreation division announced Wednesday some of the park maintenance crew are being partially reinstated.

City staff say with more people visiting the parks and trails, it is causing a need for continuous upkeep.

Only about three-quarters of the normal staff is being brought back to assist with this need.

It will cost nearly $200,000 — and $100,000 is being funded by a cash reserve for the parks division that was not used in the 2019 city budget.

“The partial restoration of park staffing levels will allow the city to increase the frequency of mowing and garbage collection, pursue some park facility rentals and events,” said Jim Filby Williams, director of parks, properties and libraries.

Park maintenance staff will only be brought back temporarily from July to October.

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