Maurices Brings Back Furloughed Employees

6,000 retail employees and 54 corporate office employees were temporarily laid off during shutdown

DULUTH, Minn. – Maurices has brought back almost all its employees who were temporarily laid off during the shutdown.

The Duluth-based women’s clothing chain has already reopened most of its stores. The remaining stores are opening in the next week or so.

6,000 retail employees were furloughed in March. Maurices tells us they are all being hired back.

The store also furloughed 54 of its corporate office employees. 52 have come back and the remaining two will be rehired in early July.

The company says it fared relatively well during the shutdown.

“We were able to run our online business very successfully during this time and the stores have reopened very strongly,” explained Sue Ross, Chief HR and Communications Officer for Maurices.

Corporate employees who were not furloughed took pay cuts while stores were closed.

The company’s CEO took no salary from March until June.

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