No Boat, No Problem! Friends Paddle Lake Superior in Blow-Up Pool

With snow shovels as ores and a backpack as an anchor, they set out on the choppy water.

DULUTH, Minn.- While beaches were crowded with swimmers, one pair of friends enjoyed the water in another way. They used a kiddie pool not filled with water, but on the water, as a makeshift raft.

The “Floaty Floatilla” event behind Fitger’s Complex was canceled due to choppy water, but that didn’t stop Bryce Kelly and Sean Daly from setting out in their own kiddie pool watercraft.

The pair blew up the pool themselves, fashioned a makeshift anchor by tying a rope to a backpack and weighting it with rocks, and rowed out with snow shovels onto the open water.

“We always wanted to be boat owners and the only way to do that on a budget is to buy a kiddie pool and use snow shovels so we went for it and today seems like the day,” Daly said.

They said they hadn’t tested the water’s temperature or waves before going out. “It’s a little choppy but you know, the more challenging it is the more fun it is,” said Kelly.

The pair didn’t bring life jackets, but they did stick closer to shore — dropping anchor and enjoying the up and down motion of the waves, much to the amusement of people watching ashore.

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