Fireworks Disturbances Creating Need To Warn About The Dangers

Duluth Police officers have answered nearly one hundred fireworks-related calls since June 1st.

DULUTH, Minn. – The Duluth Police Department is seeing an uptick in calls for fireworks disturbances.

As those calls increase, the Duluth Fire Department is looking to remind fireworks users about the potential dangers and the importance of safety.

As the Fourth of July inches closer, the use of illegal fireworks around Duluth has increased drastically compared to the same time last year.

Duluth Police officers have answered nearly one hundred fireworks-related calls since June 1st.

Last year around this time, the calls peaked at only about 25.

Most of the recent fireworks calls are for disturbances, but the Duluth Fire Department is warning the community about the possible dangers too.

“What seems like they are just fireworks or this is just a small thing can be dangerous. Even legal fireworks can be dangerous,” said Duluth Fire Chief Shawn Krizaj. “The next thing you know you are in the emergency room with a serious injury or potentially your house, vehicle, or dumpster could catch fire.”

Any fireworks that shoot into the air or explode are prohibited in Minnesota

Legal fireworks like sparklers can burn up to 1,200 degrees, which can cause instant burns to a person’s face or hands.

While the loss of city’s fireworks display, may be disappointing, the Duluth Deputy Fire Marshall says it’s not only about safety.

It is also about being a good neighbor.

“I think one of the most important things to remember is that we are part of a community here and we need to live together,” said Deputy Fire Marshal Jonathan Otis. “Getting to know your neighbors and being responsible with fireworks is probably one of the first things we should be doing.”

Before setting off fireworks it’s important to consider veterans suffering from PTSD or families with pets that are sensitive to the sounds.

Also, if you are using legal fireworks it is recommended to keep a safe distance from your home and dry plants or trees.

Children should be supervised at all times when using legal fireworks or sparklers.

Always have a way to extinguish the fireworks such as having a bucket of water nearby.

If you notice illegal fireworks going off in your neighborhood, the Duluth Police Department says to call 911.

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