Stokke’s Liquor Expands to Lakeside Neighborhood

Stokke's Liquor Store in Lakeside is located at 5631 East Superior Street. 

DULUTH, Minn. – After decades of being a dry neighborhood, there’s now an additional liquor store in Duluth’s Lakeside neighborhood.

“I know that for a really long time, Lakeside didn’t have a liquor store. So it’s kind of cool to open in a certain period of time,” assistant manager of Stokke’s Liquor Store Destanie Michelizzi said.

Stokke’s Liquor Store expanded to the Lakeside area on May 9, and the store’s already experiencing a steady stream of customers.

“A lot of people, some people coming from the cities going to go bike on the Lakewalk and heading up Brighton beach, going up the Shore. A lot of traffic,” Michelizzi said.

The liquor store has a wide variety of products with a goal of helping everyone find something they enjoy.

“We’ve got an awesome selection there’s so many different kinds of wines, seltzers, craft beers, we have so many different kinds of craft beers from everywhere around town. And a lot of hard liquor selection going on,” Michelizzi added.

And the employees feel ready to help customers find what they need.

“A lot of us really know what we have and if we can’t get you exactly what you want, we can try to get you something that is similar to what you’re looking for, even a different option,” Michelizzi said.

For a neighborhood with so much history related to alcohol sales, they’re all just excited to have it open.

“A lot of people have given me old stories about the building itself. It’s just nice that a lot of people are really happy that we have opened just for the convenience of not having to go all the way to Kenwood or Lake Aire or just down the street further,” Michelizzi said.

Stokke’s Liquor Store in Lakeside is located at 5631 East Superior Street.

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