Propane Prices Are Beginning To Go Up

In the last few months, the cost of propane has jumped by 30 cents.

DULUTH, Minn. – At the start of the pandemic, the cost for fuel and other energy resources dropped drastically.

But as the world inches closer to an economic recovery those prices are steadily climbing.

Fuel companies like Superior Fuel in Duluth are now urging their customers to take advantage of the low pricing while it lasts.

In recent weeks, the price per gallon for gas has risen by nearly 50 cents.

But the cost of propane is also another concern.

In the last few months, the cost of propane has jumped by 30 cents.

Staff at Superior Fuel say customers should lock in their pricing immediately or risk paying a lot more when rates begin to change in the event of a second round of Covid-19 hitting the region.

“We don’t know how that will affect prices if there are shutdowns or less supply. People think with the shutdown it means prices will go down, but the reality is if certain things shut down supply gets really tight and prices could definitely jump high,” said Superior Fuel Chief Financial Officer Joe Stariha.

Superior Fuel customers taking advantage of the current pricing will get to keep that rate for the next three years.

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