Vista Star Rescued By Coast Guard After Mechanical Failure Leaves Vessel Stranded

DULUTH, Minn.- The Vista Star Tour Ship is being repaired after it died in the water in the Duluth Harbor, requiring rescue from the Coast Guard.

Around 11 a.m. Tuesday the Vista Star experienced a mechanical failure near the Aerial Lift Bridge, making it dead in the water with 33 people on board. They were all ordered to wear life jackets.

The vessel had to be to towed and pushed by other boats including the Coast Guard towards its docking place by the DECC, where others ashore took up the lines and pulled it in.

No one was injured and crews were able to successfully bring the ship back to shore with no further damage.

“The crew was great they were on board assisting everything. Luckily all of the crew was returning this year so this was kind of an old hat for them,” said Colleen Smith, Vista Fleet’s Assistant General Manager. “Obviously an emergency situation, very serious but best case scenario. Safety has always been our #1 priority whether it’s a pandemic or not.”

The Vista Star is halting all tours for Wednesday and hopes to be back up and running for 4th of July Weekend.

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