Local Musician, Disability Rights Advocate Writes to Duluth Council in Favor of Mask Mandate

Gaelynn Lea says she feels requiring masks indoors is a logical first step for Duluth.

DULUTH, Minn.- A local musician and outspoken advocate for people with disabilities is voicing her support of the City Council approving a mask-mandate in public buildings.

Gaelynn Lea recently wrote to Mayor Emily Larson and also the City Council urging them to require mask-wearing in the city.

She said people who don’t wear a mask in public create a serious threat to the elderly, people in group homes, and people with disabilities.

“If you realize that the consequence of it spreading in Minnesota is more people with disabilities and more older people die, then that gives you some more motivation,” Lea said. “I see it as like a public health issue; the way we do prevent people from smoking inside bars now.”

“When we’re not using the law to help protect people I almost feel like that becomes a civil rights issue to some extent,” she said.

Lea said she is pleased councilors are considering the mandate. She plans to now contact Governor Tim Walz to get a state-wide mask-wearing mandate for indoor public places.

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