Air Conditioners Are Selling Out During Hot Days

DULUTH, Minn. – Many hardware stores are already keeping busy during this heatwave selling air conditioners and other summer essentials to help people keep cool.

Marshall Hardware in Duluth has already sold out of window air conditioners, but their stock of fans are still a hot commodity.

Staff say it has been hard to keep certain items in stock.

Portable air conditioners are on backstock as many distributors are also trying to keep up with the demand.

Marshall Hardware staff also say it can be difficult to deliver the bad news when people are trying to find things to stay cool during those hot days.

“I think it hurts me more than the customers. They are all so happy and forgiving. We have had beautiful weather and we can’t complain,” said Sales Clerk AJ Marshall.

Marshall Hardware is working on restocking its shelves with window air conditioning units.

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