Fitger’s Brewhouse and Burrito Union Will Now Require Masks Starting Friday

DULUTH, Minn.– As the Duluth City Council prepares to vote on an ordinance later this month requiring masks be worn in all public places, one Duluth restaurant owner isn’t waiting to mask up his staff and customers.

Starting this weekend, two well-known Duluth restaurants are going to be taking an additional step to keep customers healthy.

“We don’t want to shut down, said Burrito Union General Manager Jake Abel. “We want to stay open to make sure that we’re keeping a space that’s safe.”

Starting July 3, Fitger’s Brewhouse and Burrito Union will be requiring customers to wear masks before they come into the building.

Masks will be worn at all times until customers get to their table. They are encouraged to put them back on if someone wants to leave the table to leave, use the bathroom, or walk around. Staff say if someone doesn’t have a mask, they can be bought for a dollar.

Abel says the decision was brought up by staff and even some customers. With restaurants in the Twin Ports closing due to COVID-19, Abel says this move helps them stay open and keep everyone safe.

“With everything that’s going on like the Fourth of July weekend, which will be a busier weekend, we want to be putting our customers, staff, making sure that cleanliness and safety for them is number one,” said Abel. “And wearing masks is hopefully going to keep people safer and keep restaurants open.”

Being the only restaurants in Duluth to do take on this preventative measure, the step is a bold one. Some people in Duluth say the move isn’t as big as it might seem.

“I mean if you have to wear a mask you’re protecting other people so it’s not a big deal,” said Duluth Resident Grace Carlson. “You just wear it over your face. People who are going to work have to wear it all day eight hours a day. We have to go in there for an hour or two and wear a mask. It’s no big deal.”

Abel says he hopes other restaurants in Duluth will do the same to help keep customers and staff healthy.

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