Naked Man Found After 24 Hours in Downtown Duluth Sewer

DULUTH, Minn.– The naked man who decided to take a dip into the sewer system in downtown Duluth yesterday was located Thursday night.

A passerby heard him yelling for help around five under a manhole by the Wells Fargo building. Yesterday, multiple agencies were searching for the man on Michigan Street by the Duluth Transit Center downtown.

His clothes were sitting by the manhole near the Duluth Transit Center. Authorities were alerted from a caller from the skywalk who saw him go underground.

And Thursday night, the Duluth Fire Department was back to rescue him. They put a ladder down the manhole by Wells Fargo and got him out.

“This is the same person that essentially we felt confident that we were looking for yesterday,” said Kate Van Daele, Public Information Officer for the City of Duluth. “We were able to get that person out of the sewer systems and then was able to get that person to a local hospital.”

Officials say he told fire crews he was down there for three days. As of Thursday night, he’s currently hospitalized for hypothermia and observation.

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