Campgrounds Are Helping People Escape Impacts Of The Pandemic

"We're very pleasantly pleased and surprised that people are coming from so many places," said Penmarallter Campground's Owner Pennie Burton.

TWO HARBORS, Minn. – The Covid-19 crisis may still have a grip on the entire world, but campgrounds like Penmarallter in Two Harbors is giving people a chance to escape that reality.

Tucked away behind a busy highway, you can find Penmarallter Campground.

“This campground is absolutely beautiful and we enjoy it,” said Kit Hautamaki.

It’s quiet and quaint, which just might be the answer for people looking to relieve stress.

“People have been cooped up for a very long time. Now they are able to get out to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and nature’s beauty,” said Penmarallter Campground’s Owner Pennie Burton.

One couple is up from Florida to visit with family.

They are also patiently waiting for the arrival of their new grandchild.

Instead of staying with family members, they chose to spend the month at this North shore campground.

“We just enjoy the camping experience,” said Hautamaki. “It’s so nice to be out and it feels really safe.”

A safe environment isn’t the only expectation.

Many campers are hoping to find relaxation in the midst of the impacts of the pandemic.

“It’s everywhere. It’s on the news, you hear about it all day long. It’s just nice to get away and not have it in your face,” said Hautamaki.

Although the campground is offering everyone an escape from reality, the owner says she was worried about how people would react to camping again.

“I was afraid that people would be afraid to come out,” said Burton.

But that fear later turned into amazement.

“We’re very pleasantly pleased and surprised that people are coming from so many places,” said Burton. “They aren’t just coming from Minnesota but from as far away as Florida and California.”

People coming from all over can add to the attraction of visiting a campground.

“We have met so many wonderful people,” said Hautamaki. “I think that’s the wonderful part.

Whether they are meeting new people or looking for relaxation, many could say visiting a campground during these times is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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