People Travel Even During Coronavirus Pandemic

Even while the coronavirus pandemic continues, visitors are still coming through Duluth.

DULUTH, Minn. – People are coming out to enjoy July 4th weekend despite the coronavirus pandemic.

One best friend duo from Minneapolis is in Duluth on their last leg of a long road trip.

“So we ended up going south going near Chicago near South Bend,” said Kelly Aherns, a visitor from Minneapolis. “We spent about three to four days there and drove up into northern Michigan into the UP.”

The two made it part of their plans not to go to any restaurants or to any bars during their trip. They also made sure to bring the essentials while traveling during this coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ve thought a lot about what we can bring,” said Aherns. “Can we bring hand sanitizer, can we bring Clorox wipes, towels and paper towels and all that. We brought all of that along with our trip.

David Fenner and Lynda Weinmann are spending time in Duluth for the first time.

“Cooler place to go other than International Falls, and you know, being able to see some places we’ve never seen before,” said Fenner, a visitor from the Twin Cities.

The Twin Cities couple has driven through before but hasn’t really stopped while being here until this weekend. The two aren’t wearing masks while outside, but stay cautious when in groups of people and when they are indoors.

“In the public place inside I’ll put it on but outside I’m not too much worried about it,” said Fenner. “You’ve gotta live your life. I don’t live it in fear.”

With the warm weather, people are making sure to spend time with their loved ones.

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