UMD KIDSROCK Summer Camp Kicks Off

Summer camp is looking different this summer because of the pandemic.

DULUTH, Minn. – Summer camp is looking different this summer because of the pandemic.

“We were really excited that we were able to still do this in any kind of capacity,” said Joel Sanderson, the assistant director for intermural sports and youth programs.

There have been several changes made to the UMD KIDSROCK camp due to the coronavirus.

The program usually goes for about ten weeks with about 120 campers per week. However, this year, it’s been shortened to six weeks with just half the number of campers.

“It’s about getting the kids outside, getting them active, and getting them out of the house and getting them the chance to be kids again to go and play and run and have fun with other kids,” said Sanderson.

Not only are the numbers smaller this year with a little more than 60 kids total per week, but those campers are also separated into eight different pods where there is little interaction between groups.

“I love making the relationships with the kids especially with this summer, we’ll have the same group of kids to minimize exposure between folks at camp,” said Ellie Christopherson, a camp counselor.

Some activities kids can get involved in include outdoor games, canoeing, climbing, and arts and crafts. The camp also has health screenings and temperature checks for campers and staff.

The KIDSROCK camp still has spots open for this summer.

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