Indoor Shooting Range at Custom Archery and Outdoors Gives Customers Early Practice

Custom Archery and Outdoors is a full pro and retail archery shop, selling a variety of products to help hunters hit the trails.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – It’s been a busy summer already for Custom Archery and Outdoors.

“We were down quite a bit, money wise but then once everything started opening back up, boom we were right back at it, we were super busy, this is probably the busiest June we’ve ever had,” owner of Custom Archery and Outdoors Randy Graber said.

Custom Archery and Outdoors, located on Poplar Avenue in Superior, is a full pro and retail archery shop, selling a variety of products to help hunters hit the trails.

“We’ve been selling a lot of bows, a lot of arrows, just a lot of accessories,” Graber said.

They also have an indoor shooting range, letting people practice on paper or 3D targets.

“People just want to get out, do some shooting. Some people are probably looking forward to fall, getting out and doing their hunting,” Graber added.

The shop never had to close during the pandemic, but saw fewer customers come in while other businesses in the state were shut down. Now, things are picking back up.

“They missed March and April and everything got pushed back a little bit. We’re growing a little bit, business wise, we keep growing and growing, gaining more customers,” Graber said.

Like many other businesses, they’re experiencing some difficulty getting enough products from their suppliers.

“We’re seeing some manufacture wise across the Arrow Suppliers and stuff like that, where they’re running into problems getting out products to us. It might be wiser to do it now before you get into September and we don’t have any product,” Graber added.

Custom Archery and Outdoors also has different leagues you can participate in, or you can just stop by and practice hitting the targets.

“You can be out by yourself. We do a 3D league on Tuesday night out at Mont du Lac and you’re basically just out with your group and you just do a walking course. It’s great,” Graber said.

Whether you’re a new shooter or have been shooting bows for years, Custom Archery and Outdoors has something for everyone.

“The last few years, there seems like there’s been a bit of a spike in new shooters so I like helping the new shooters. They’re always fun, you don’t have to teach old dogs new tricks,” Graber said.

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