MCAC Football Coaches React to Fall Sports Cancellation

Seven Northland colleges were impacted by the MCAC's decision to cancel the fall sports season.

VIRGINIA, Minn. – The Northland is still buzzing after the Minnesota College Athletic Conference cancelled their fall sports season.

The news was tough to hear for local head football coaches who had the unenviable task of breaking the news to their players that their season was over before it even began.

“It was difficult. We had heard whispers as a staff leading up to the official announcement. We gathered our guys on a Zoom call, broke everything down to them and the support we wanted to offer them and things of that sort. But as you can expect, extremely emotional, but we’re just here in the aftermath of it now and we’re really trying to advise our guys the best thing for them to do,” said Itasca Community College head coach Weldon Braxton.

“We’ve got kids that had plane tickets and travel arrangements already made to get here right away in August. There’s just a lot questions that they had. A lot of kids very upset and a lot of kids that understand though the difficult time that we’re in,” Mesabi Range College head coach Tom Inforzato said.

Now, the coaches are tasked with moving their respective programs forward and making sure the players remain with the team.

“I’ve got to empathize with these kids and their times and our coaching staff and everybody. The message is really just what can we do to help in this time,” said Inforzato.

“Some of these young men have a chance to be in a better position a year from now in terms of transferring to the four-year level, than what they are now. We certainly want those guys to take advantage of that,” Braxton said.

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