KQDS-TV Rescan Message – FCC Spectrum Repack

The FCC has assigned KQDS-TV to a new broadcast frequency. Here's what you need to know...


Construction has been completed on the primary full power transmitter.  KQDS-TV is back to full signal strength and viewers who were not able to receive us during our construction period are now able to re-scan and receive KQDS FOX 21 channels, 21.1 & 21.2.

Note that if you are tuning in to one of our translator sites you will not be affected by these changes. Translators are located in Grand Rapids, MN, Hibbing, MN, Virginia, MN, International Falls, MN, Ashland, WI, Hayward, WI & Ironwood, MI.

Thank you,

KQDS-TV FOX 21 Television