A Morgan Park Woman Is Being Displaced After Fire Takes Her Home

The fired caused an estimated $200,000.

DULUTH, Minn. – A Morgan Park woman is without a home after an electrical fire sparked an explosion causing her home to burn.

Charred debris is what remains after the fire took over the home.

The owner  says she is grateful to be alive after neighbors jumped into action to save her.”

“It’s unbelievable. I am still in shock. I lost pretty much everything,” said Lesley Whitebirg.

She had lived in the home off of 88th Avenue for nearly ten years.

Now she will have to start all over.

“I don’t have insurance of my own. I’m going to be staying in Hibbing with my daughter and my dad,” said Whitebirg.

It all began following a visit from a friend in the morning.

Not too long after her friend left she returned to her room in the basement.

That’s when she could hear noises that didn’t seem right.

Whitebirg said, “I went to go upstairs to see what was going on and it was a bunch of black smoke.”

The shocking sound was an explosion in the back of the home, but by the time she tried to escape it was too late.

She became trapped and yelled for help until two neighbors came to her rescue.

They shattered a basement window pulling her to safety.

“I’m grateful for them being there. I can never say thank you enough times for them doing that,” said Whitebirg.

Authorities believe it was an accidental electrical fire.

The initial evaluation after the fire suggested a gust of wind blew by sparking an explosion of a propane tank attached to a grill.

The blaze engulfed the entire back of the house.

I also spread into a neighboring home, causing smoke and water damage.

“Preliminary assessments estimate the fire caused about $200,000 in property damage.

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