Ashland and Bayfield Counties Issue Face Mask Advisory, Effective Friday

Face Mask

ASHLAND COUNTY, Wis. – Ashland and Bayfield County Public Health announced on Monday that they are issuing an emergency mask advisory effective Friday.

The advisory states anyone five years of age or older are advised to wear a face mask when in an enclosed building where other people who are not in a person’s immediate household or living unit could be present.

“Public health research shows that face coverings are critical to slowing the spread of COVID19. Given the number of infections in our counties and the surrounding area, as well as the multitude of visitors coming to our area, we need to all be wearing face coverings every time
we leave the house,” stated Elizabeth Szot, Ashland County Health Officer.

According to the advisory, people should wear a face covering that covers their nose and mouth when in public including in businesses, public transportation, and in someone else’s home who is not in the same family group.

Exceptions can be made for certain activities such as eating in a restaurant, however public health officials say you should still maintain six feet of distance from anyone not in your immediate household.

“We do not take this advisory lightly. It is on every person in our communities to do better. People should assume that everyone wearing a mask is doing it to protect you and themselves. If someone is not wearing a mask, assume they are genuinely not able to do so,” added Sara
Wartman, Bayfield County Health Officer.

Although it is not an order at this time, Wartman says if they see non-compliance with the advisory they would look into public health orders.

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