Ship Off Course Through Duluth Ship Canal Comes To Screeching Halt

DULUTH, Minn. – The U.S. Coast Guard is investigating after a 1,000-foot ship came to a screeching halt while under the Lift Bridge in Duluth Monday morning.

Video of the incident was captured by an eyewitness around 7:15 a.m.

The ship involved was the Presque Isle — one of the biggest ships on the Great Lakes – that was leaving the port but not in the normal way it has done before.

The ship — for reasons unclear right now — wasn’t centered through the canal as it tried to head out to Lake Superior.

The ship eventually came to that dramatic stop nearly up against the break wall while onlookers took it all in.

“It was really weird because you have never seen that happen before. It kept getting closer and closer. People started backing away thinking it was going to impact it,” said Conner Blauket, a tourist who took the cell phone video of the ship’s incident.

There was no word Monday on what caused the incident.

The ship eventually made its way back into the port for inspection.

The pier remained open to the public and by all accounts from the Coast Guard, there was no major damage to the break wall or the ship.

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