Great Outdoors: Mountain Biking Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. – Trails have been packed with bikers and hikers around the Northland with everyone just trying to get out and have some socially-distanced fun.

“We were bored during quarantine and we decided to come down here and just mess around on our bikes and stuff and this is what it turned into,” said Arren and Henry, two mountain bikers of 10 and 11 years old.

Mountain bikers were out at Lester Park this week enjoying the warm weather.

This, including Arren and Henry who are going into fifth and sixth grade who go out and bike every day.

“The only reason why I like biking you can get up off your couch stop playing video games and go explore and have fun with friends,” said Henry.

The boys also say mountain biking can be very challenging.

They showed off their wheelies and jumps and talked about the most difficult parts of the sport for them.

“Probably physically getting yourself out of the house to do it, or getting up the hills literally they’re so hard,” said Henry and Arren.

Over at Skihut in Duluth, the manager there says when the stay-at-home order began they started getting really busy because people have a lot more time to go out biking.

“Getting out and riding definitely helps take your mind off some of the things going on in the world or at home and it’s just a nice escape,” said David Neustel, the manager at Skihut.

Their repair shop is also reportedly the busiest it’s ever been and staff is working extra hours to fix as many bikes as possible.

“It’s also difficult to get parts to fix bikes with the closure of the manufacturers earlier in the year and with high demand it’s been really hard to get parts and bikes,” said Neustel.

For Arren and Henry, they say they normally would be spending their summers playing football, baseball, or lacrosse.

This summer, however, they say they are enjoying spending lots of time together riding as friends.

“He thinks a lot like me even though we are not brothers or twins or anything he just thinks a lot like me and it’s fun we just both like riding dirt bikes or BMX bikes,” said Henry and Arren.

The manager at Skihut also says trails continue to be busy with bikers and hikers and people need to be even more careful and respectful when out enjoying the great outdoors.

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