Thousands Pick Strawberries This Season at Spectrum Farms

Strawberry season drawing to an end, but Northlanders still finding delicious fruits

CARLTON, Minn. – Thousands of people have picked their own strawberries this year at Spectrum Farms in Carlton.

This year’s season was a strong one. Even though it’s now winding down, many people came out to Spectrum this week to get their last bucketfuls of the summer.

“They are so perfect,” said Spectrum co-owner Steve Schulstrom. “Red, juicy, sweet, they taste so good and they’re only here for a little while so you kind of got to appreciate them.”

A few dozen people filled the field Wednesday evening picking the last of the 2020 crop.

“It’s good to take a break, get some fresh air, some sun, and actually get out of the house, and these are probably a lot better than what you get at the store,” said William Clark while picking.

The strawberry season usually lasts two or three weeks. Schulstrom tells us this year’s was on the short side, lasting 13 days.

He says the farm is now in the process of “gleaning.”

“Which means we are out there finding things that people haven’t found yet and there are a lot of berries still out there,” explained Schulstrom.

Even though the plants are mostly picked over, some delicious treasures can still be found.

“It’s fun because you don’t have to just walk down one particular row,” said Schulstrom. “If you see something next door, you go ‘that’s mine’ you can go and pick it up and no one will get mad at you.”

Picking your own berries is more fun than buying them at the store and it can serve as a family bonding experience.

We wanted to make some more rhubarb strawberry jam and we used up all the strawberries my sister had picked before, so she directed us to come here and pick some more berries,” explained Kathy Benson while picking berries.

Waiting until the end of the season meant people could get the treats for a reduced price.

They say if you pick enough, they can last a long time.

“We freeze them, make jam, eat them all year long,” said strawberry picker Anna Beaulieu.

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