City Council Votes On Plan For $2.2 Million in CARES Act Funding

The Duluth City Council will be determining what to do with $2.2 million they have received from the CARES Act.

DULUTH, Minn. – The Duluth City Council has voted on a plan on how to spend $2.2 million the city received from the federal CARES Act.

The Act was passed by Congress in March with the goal of infusing funding into communities to help them get through the pandemic. The funding will go to low and moderate-income communities within Duluth.

The funding will pour resources into 17 projects needed around the city, including improving homeless shelters and helping businesses with technical assistance.

“It will really help to really pinpoint what needs have people begun experiencing in the last four months since COVID-19 started and how can we help address those,” said Ben VanTassel, a manager of planning and development for the city of Duluth.

One of the 17 projects is to provide neighborhood WiFi in the Lincoln Park area, which would support not only students who are enrolled in distance learning, but also for individuals who need to access unemployment services.

“Even before COVID-19, we recognized that having access to the internet is very key because so much of the work that we do these days is online,” said Jodi Slick, the founder and CEO of Ecolibrium3. “But of course since COVID-19, that’s just been exacerbated.”

This proposed WiFi project is slightly under $140,000.

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