Virginia Woman Makes Life-Sized Monopoly Game In Her Driveway

The giant copycat even has all that's needed to play including real-life game pieces like the iron and the wheelbarrow.

VIRGINIA, Minn. – Who doesn’t love a good game of Monopoly?

One Virginia woman created a life-size version of the popular childhood game in her driveway.

The colorful board painted on the driveway is a real duplicate of the original game.

The giant copycat even has all that’s needed to play including real-life game pieces like the iron and the wheelbarrow.

There’s’ even fake money to buy properties on the board.

Some may ask what was the inspiration for taking on such a large project.

It was simple.

Like most people in the world during these times, Diana Brennan created the game as she was looking for things to do with her daughter while she was visiting from the Twin Cities.

“She is a phenomenal artist because she has autism and that part of the brain triggers with her. I’m not an artist. I thought I could use some of her artwork,” said Brennan.

But the project turned out to be time-consuming than they thought.

“By the time I got done doing the board, it had taken so much math and time that she had to leave and go back to the Twin Cities,” said Brennan.

Since Brennan was determined to finish, she enlisted the help of a friend.

Nearly two months later, the woman’s version is almost complete to her liking.

It is already attracting so much attention.

“It’s beautiful. she did a great job. the kids were so impressed the first time we came around, we had to come back again,” said Tom Tommaro, who lives in the neighborhood.

Like anyone who has ever played Monopoly, Tommaro’s granddaughters are excited to battle it out for on the life-sized game board.

“We haven’t played in a long time. I just like to play. We haven’t played in a really long time. It’s really fun for us,” said Olivia Putnum.

Between Olivia and her sister, it has already been proven who is going to be the winner in the match.

“It’s always me because she’s four and I’m six. I’m better,” said Putnam.

Whoever the winner is, one thing might be true, no matter how old you are everyone can get joy and excitement out of playing a simple game of Monopoly.

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