Brule River Canoe Rental Busy With Paddlers

The shop has canoes and kayaks to rent and shuttles customers to the landing to get them set for their adventure.

BRULE, Wis. – If you’re looking for a new place to go kayaking, the Brule River is the place to try.

“You’ll see a lot of wildlife, we’ve seen eagles out and about, bears, I saw one today,” manager of Brule River Canoe Rental Jeffrey McClure said.

And Brule River Canoe Rental is ready to help those get out on the water. The shop has canoes and kayaks to rent and normally shuttles people over in their vans. Due to the pandemic, they shuttle customers’ cars to the landing.

“We let people use our boats obviously to go down the river and they just select one of the trips the want to go on,” McClure said.

You can choose a whitewater type trip or a slow tubing one, and trips can last either two or four hours.

“You can even combine the four hour and two hour trip for a longer, six hour trip; the only difference is the level of rapids. You could do the whole lake in three days, but it’s a lot harder to shuttle those people,” McClure added.

Despite the changes, Brule River Canoe Rental has seen plenty of customers ready to hit the water.

“We’ve noticed kind of a spike in people coming. A lot of people don’t have a lot to do is what I’m thinking, and they come out to the river because it’s one of the activities that you can do,” McClure said.

Brule River Canoe Rental will be open through at least the end of the September and you can make an appointment on their website.

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