Iron Range Businesses Buy Billboards to Thank First Responders, Law Enforcement

HIBBING, Minn.– Over on the Iron Range, one Hibbing business owner wanted to show his support for first responders and law enforcement in the area. So he got together with some community members to make it visible for all of them to see.

After talking with community members, Perrella and Associates Owner Greg Perrella wanted to make sure local first responders and law enforcement could see just how much they are appreciated.

“I hope they feel the large amount of support that isn’t visible for them,” said Perrella.

Perella got together with a couple other local businesses to launch the silent majority campaign. They will be putting up six billboards over the next six months across the iron range to show support for those putting their lives on the line.

The first billboard was up on Monday north of Virginia. And others in Hibbing and Chisolm are coming next month.

Perrella also asked other businesses around town about making yard signs for the campaign. They got together to bring signs to the highway patrol, fire, and police stations. He says they were all glad to see the show of support.

“Unfortunately, not enough of them know it and i think there’s a lot of people who feel that way. Who maybe feel it’s confrontational to say something and that’s why we did it,” said Parrella. “This is a nonpolitical statement. It’s just simply ‘We appreciate what these people are doing for us.’”

One of those businesses is The Bottle Shop in Hibbing. Owner Jennie Damjanovich said she was worried how people would respond but she says the reaction has been great from customers.

Since Tuesday, people have been picking up signs at the shop. Damjanovich is glad to see the positive support for those who protect the community and expects to see a lot more signs around town.

“To me as a business owner I like to know that I can call if there’s a problem at my store,” said Damjanovich. “If there’s an accident I see happen outside my store I call, they respond. I have a theft, I call, they respond.”

The community has been behind the campaign from the start. Perrella wants it to be seen as a way for everyone to come together for those who work to keep them safe.

“I think it’s important that people know this is not political. It’s not against anybody. It’s for obeying the law and supporting the good people that take care of our health and save our lives and our law enforcement that keep us safe,” said Parrella.

Yards signs are available for pick-up at Perrella and Associates, The Bottle Shop, Valentini’s Supper Club, Guye’s Plumbing and other businesses around Hibbing. Others wanting to get involved should contact Perrella.

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