Northland Natives Formulate Healthy Boost with Boomerang Energy

Duluthians Donny and Will Pearson Wanted to Create a Healthier Alternative to Traditional Energy Drinks

DULUTH, Minn. – We’ve all been there – Long days at work making for sleepy afternoons waiting for the clock to strive five.

Each year millions of energy drinks are sold in the United States.

Now the Northland has a local option for those looking to sip on a healthier boost of energy.

“You throw it out, it comes back,” said Donny Pearson, founder of Boomerang Energy.

Energy ebbs and flows as we go about our daily routine.

“We’ve had no issues with crashes, or ill effects afterward. It’s very smooth,” said Pearson.

Born, raised, and brainstorming, Pearson and his cousin Will are looking to break from stigma, and reach new heights with a more natural high.

“We wanted to change the perception of what energy drinks are for many people,” said Pearson. “As we got older we started to get a little more health-conscious, a little more aware of what we were putting in our bodies.”

In 2016 Boomerang Energy would become a reality.

“When we first made Boomerang our goal was simplicity and transparency,” said Pearson.

The locally-made energy drink is brewed with ingredients consumers can pronounce.

“It’s really simple as far as what the product is doing to give you that mental boost,” said Pearson.

The Pearson’s call it ‘Real. Good. Energy.’ made up of naturally sourced caffeine, three simply amino acids, green tea, and ginseng.

“It’s appealing to an audience that isn’t necessarily energy drink consumers,” said Pearson.

“It has a consistency closer to seltzer water almost with healthy ingredients that are going to give you a boost,” said Will Pearson, co-founder of Boomerang Energy.

These Minnesota men are looking to keep things local.

“Business is growing; we’re even trying at this point to further our reach,” said Pearson.

The beverage is now canned in the Twin Cities and distributed in multiple areas including at Duluth’s Whole Foods Coop.

“We were ready to launch for March for the summer to get involved in all the events Duluth brings to town, all the tourists, and even the local community.

Unfortunately, we can no longer participate in a lot of that due to COVID-19,” said Pearson.

Just as the Boomerang team started to accelerate their marketing, COVID-19 crushed the can.

“We’ve had to kind of figure out how to reach people digitally,” said Pearson.

Even in the age of a global pandemic, this duo doesn’t foresee negative impacts as they say the sky is the limit.

“Duluth matters. It does. It reverberates around the state, reverberates in the states around us,” said Pearson.

It’s a sense of local pride these young entrepreneurs are hoping will help give consumers a new outlook in a competitive market.

Pearson says, “Duluth has a phenomenal microbrewery scene, cidery scene, and guess what? Duluth has an energy drink too!”

A can of Boomerang Energy will cost consumers roughly three dollars.

The founders are hoping to expand into more Minnesota cities and even across the bridge into the Badger State.

Purchase Boomerang Energy at these Northland locations:

– Both Whole Foods Co-ops in Duluth
– Mount Royal Bottle Shoppe
– Lake Aire Bottle Shoppe
– 27 Liquor
– Duluth’s Best Bread
– Play It Again Sports (Duluth)
– B&B Market
– Cromwell Self Serve
– Carlton Gas & More
– Caywood Country Store
– Ukura’s Big Dollar Store
– TJ’s Country Store
– Belknap Liquor (Wis.)
– Superior Meats (Wis.)
– Four Corners Store (Wis.)
– Nelsons Speed Stop (Wis.)
– Jim’s Bait & Convenience Store (Wis.)

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