NAACP Gives Away More Free Masks After Statewide Mandate Announced

Organization gives away around 300 masks every week in the Twin Ports area

DULUTH, Minn. – The need for masks is even higher after the state of Minnesota and some Wisconsin cities like Superior have started requiring masks in indoor public places.

The Duluth branch NAACP has been giving away free masks to the community since April, helping Northlanders protect themselves and others from the coronavirus.

On Thursday, the organization was outside the West Duluth Super One store giving away boxes full of free handmade masks.

Volunteers want to make sure everybody has access to masks, especially after Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz announced a public mask mandate statewide.

“Even now that there’s a lot of masks around, you still need to make sure you have clean masks that you’re using,” explained Duluth City Councilor and NAACP Vice President Janet Kennedy. “COVID is still here and we still need to be diligent. We still haven’t seen a lot of illnesses in our community and we want to keep it that way.”

The NAACP wants to protect everybody in the Twin Ports area survive the pandemic, especially those with health conditions putting them at risk.

The group gets mask donations from organizations and people across the region and give away about 300 every week to anybody who wants them.

“I just came to do some shopping and then all of a sudden I saw them giving out free masks and they had a lot of different colors and designs and I thought my older one kind of needed to be replaced,” said Rick Holbrook who picked up some free masks Thursday.

In total, the organization has given away many more than 1,000 free masks. They  plan to host more mask giveaways in the future.

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