St. Luke’s Sports and Events Center Hosts Girls Hockey Scrimmages

Grand Rapids-Greenway, Duluth, Hibbing and Proctor-Hermantown were a few of the teams that participated in the weekend of scrimmages.

PROCTOR, Minn.- The St. Luke’s Sports and Events Center was home to multiple girls hockey teams this weekend, including Grand Rapids-Greenway, Duluth, Hibbing and Proctor-Hermantown.

There are many safety procedures in place, like not being able to use the locker rooms and having to change outside, as well as temperature checks.

Grand Rapids normally hosts a weekend tournament every summer, but due to not having ice this year, Proctor stepped up to host games this weekend. The three days of scrimmages lets the teams finally get some action in after a few weeks of on-ice practices.

“I feel like there’s almost a new renewed interested and excitment because you realize what not having it means and so it’s really been a great month of July. It’s an opportunity for once the masks come off to compete so I think that’s really important for the girls,” Grand Rapids-Greenway head coach Brad Hyduke said.

“It’s all up in the air, you don’t know, you don’t have answers for them so you’re trying to work with them, keep them motivated. They’re always wondering are we going to have a season so that’s in the back of their minds. So just to have some normalcy out here a little bit this weekend is really nice to get them playing,” Proctor-Hermantown head coach Emma Stauber added.

The scrimmages will continue on Sunday. They are closed to the public but you can stream the games online.

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