Superior Mayor Encourages Compliance of Mask Mandate Effective Monday

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Starting Monday masks will be required in all indoor public places in Superior.

Last week the Superior City Council voted 9-1 in favor of the mandate, with Councilor and bar owner Keith Kern the only vote against.

Businesses that don’t enforce the rule could be punished of for a licensing violation, and face the same consequences as they would for serving underage customers or being open after hours.

If people refuse to wear masks in businesses, they can be asked to leave or have the cops called on them for trespassing.

“I don’t expect 100% compliance that’s true of any law that we create, a lot of people fly under the radar just like our speed limits don’t prevent speeding,” Mayor Jim Paine said. “What we’re trying to do is get everybody to act with an abundance of caution and safety, in the interest of helping to protect the health and safety of their fellow citizens and neighbors.”

Mayor Paine added when the mandate was introduced 100% of the feedback was in support, from individuals and businesses.

Measures like this, he said, help slow the virus and keep Douglas County’s COVID-19 related deaths at 0, which it has been as of Friday.

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