Construction Almost Complete for Noble Hall Field

Noble Hall Field will be completed by the end of next week and will be used for Grand Rapids' varsity sports and physical education classes.

GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. – While we wait on the fat of fall sports this year, Grand Rapids High School is making sure their new field will be ready to go.

“We’re so hopeful that we’ll be out here this fall and get on it and just enjoy it,” Grand Rapids Activites Director Anne Campbell said.

Grand Rapids High School has been working for years to raise enough money for a new turf field.

“When I first got here nine years ago, we had a committee together, we just couldn’t get things together to get funds raised,” Campbell said.

After securing the funds, construction began at the start of June, and crews have been working tirelessly since.

“The community was kind enough and generous enough to come up with $700,000 worth of donations which were pretty much mentioned by the school board which enabled this field to be built,” ICS Program Manager Kent Koerbitz said.

“Two weeks ago today we started sewing the field together. Since then we finished sewing it, did all of the inlays and now we’re dropping the sand and rubber which is the final part of the installation,” Kerr Athletics Installation Supervisor Robert Horchar added.

A big thing Grand Rapids wanted was for Noble Hall Field to be ready sometime in August, so if the fall sports season happens, the Thunderhawks will be ready to go.

“We’re about a week or two ahead of where we need to be. The whole intent was to put together a schedule so all of the teams could use this starting with the fall schedule,” Koerbitz said.

Noble Hall Field will be able to be used year round, for varsity sports and even physical education classes.

“Our student-athletes, our marching band will be able to use this field way more than 30 times in the fall. This is what we needed in this space because we don’t have many performance fields,” Campbell said.

And while Grand Rapids is still unsure of when their student-athletes will be able to use the field, the work is already worth it.

“Getting to see everyone come out here for the first time, roll around. They’ll tackle each other just for fun and to me that’s the best part of the whole project,” Horchar said.

“To watch it come to life and to watch the colors come out and pop has been amazing, it’s great stuff,” Koerbitz added.

“Obviously this has been a really weird summer but this has been a real highlight for our community especially our student athletes and for our high school here,” Campbell said.

Noble Hall Field will finally be completed by the end of next week.

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