Gary New Duluth Rec Center Distributes Food Bags from YMCA Summer Food Service

Volunteers say the meals help in the food desert of Gary New Duluth.

DULUTH, Minn.- Some people in Gary New Duluth Wednesday spent the warm sunny weather handing out bags of food to those in need.

The Duluth Area YMCA Summer Food Service Program has been giving out grab-and-go meal bags at the Gary New Duluth Recreation Center since March.

The bags included juice, healthy snacks, and produce from the community garden. A choice of bread from Super One and celery were also available.

Volunteers say there have been days where they’ve given out as many as 500 bags of food in their community in one day.

“Gary New Duluth is kind of a food dessert we don’t have a grocery store out here and so for some people that live out there this may be the closest food access that they have,” said GND Rec Center Youth Director Leslie Bucar.

“Community really needs to pull together. Help feed each other help take care of each other this is what the Northland does best is really help each other through times of strife and crisis,” she said.

Food is given out every Wednesday and Friday evening at the Rec Center. Meals are also available Monday through Friday at the Harbor Highlands Community Center and Thursdays at the Hermantown YMCA Essentia Wellness Center.

To date the YMCA’s Summer Food Service Program has served over 9,000 meals to anyone who needs one.

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