How Parabon NanoLabs Helped Chisholm Police Identify A Cold Case Murder Suspect

CHISHOLM, Minn. — The company that helped Chisholm Police pinpoint suspect Michael Carbo Jr. in the cold case murder of Nancy Daughtery is called Parabon NanoLabs, which specializes in investigative genetic genealogy.

Parabon has access to some DNA databases from companies such as GEDmatch and Family Tree DNA, which people send their DNA samples to when they want to learn more about their ancestry.

CeCe Moore, the chief genetic genealogist with Parabon NanoLabs, said they can only access samples that customers of ancestry companies have already granted permission to be used in possible law enforcement investigations.

In Michael Carbo’s case, Moore traced the crime scene samples to one of his relatives, eventually narrowing it down to him.

She said it’s rewarding to not only help bring justice for a victim’s family, but to also relieve those who have been falsely suspected of the crime.

“There’s a large number of individuals that are exonerated, that are relieved of this burden of suspicion because then all of these cold cases, hundreds of people have been looked at, sometimes thousands,” Moore explained. “And some people have lived under that umbrella of suspicion for many years. So I’m very proud of the fact that we’re able to rule out many, many, people in these cold cases and allow them to go on with their lives without that hanging over their heads.”

Investigative genetic genealogy can take one to two months.

Parabon can also create renderings of what a suspect may look like through their DNA.

To date, Parabon NanoLabs has helped identify 118 suspects and victims.

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