Trampoline Park Re-Opens Under New Name

After opening back up in 2017, the tramponline park has been undergoing some changes including its name.

DULUTH, Minn. – The entertainment venue known as Planet 3 is no more.

After opening in 2017, the trampoline park has been undergoing some changes including its name after reopening in mid-June.

“Anywhere hands can touch is being sanitized. We’re spraying down all the trampolines, pads. All of the hard surfaces are being wiped down every half an hour or so,” Defy Duluth General Manager, Anna Metzger says.

With the space looking different inside, employees also had to change how they sanitize all the equipment.

“We already had some in place before Covid, but it was really kind of stepping up our game and making sure everything is being done to a level that is necessary now.”

That’s not all. The entire park previously had a max capacity ranging from 300 people to just under 500.

Now, they have a limit of 120 inside the facility.

“We have plenty of space with the volume we’re seeing for people to spread out.”

Although masks are required in the facility, that could change depending on if the park were considered a fitness center.

The park’s public relations department tells Fox 21, staff members are looking into becoming an exercise facility, but that could be a long process.

“Cause we really want people to feel safe when they are here and feel like they can come and get some exercise, get the kids out of the house for a little bit you know kind of get rid of some of that squirly energy they have been building up and do it in a safe environment.”

The dodgeball space in the park has been closed for the installation of new springs.

Management hopes to have that opened up by the end of the week




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