Missing Hermantown Elderly Man Found Safe

HERMANTOWN, Minn.– An elderly man who went missing from an assisted living facility in Hermantown has been found safe and in good health about 60 miles away on the Iron Range.

The 80 year old man was discovered missing around 2 p.m. this morning after he left at about 7:30 that evening from his home at the Golden Oaks Facility in Hermantown.

He was eventually found in Aurora about 60 miles away by the East Range Police Department after authorities learned he used to live there. Police say he ran into someone at a gas station and paid them to take him to his old home.

“He’s hard of hearing. He could have been there a couple times actually when they were there before and he didn’t hear them knocking,” said Hermantown Police Chief Jim Crace.

Golden Oaks is working with the Hermantown Police Department to review their security and monitoring protocols.

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